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The solid wooden furniture of the Pilat&Pilat Famylje Collection revolves around five types of wood; oak, walnut, maple and elm. The unique character of the tree is retained in each piece of furniture. That is the reason why no two pieces of furniture are exactly identical, but will differ in things like colour shade. Timber is selected and processed by experienced furniture makers in our own factory in Bosnia. The furniture quality is continuously monitored during the entire production process. Each piece of furniture is custom-made of the type of wood chosen by the customer. The wood is finished using natural oil or special furniture soap.


and for that reason the colour and structure are not always identical. In spite of the treatment, the colour of the wood may change through putting it in direct sunlight or in artificial light. Wood has an open structure. As a result, exposure to humidity in the air may have an effect on the furniture. Changes may occur at any time. Particularly during winter months when heaters are turned on full power, the air may become too dry for the wood. To minimise the risk of shrinking wood, we suggest a healthy indoor climate with a room temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius and a relative air humidity of around 55% - 65%. Dry air may cause minute cracks in the wood,which will close again as the humidity level goes up.


that needs to be treated with care. Sharp, hot or wet objects may damage the wooden surface. Spilt liquids should be removed immediately to prevent stains. The use of caustic - and certainly abrasive - cleaning agents is not recommended. Avoid stains by using coasters for your drinks and removing any spills without delay.


The advantage of unpainted and not artificially coloured solid furniture is to have the routine maintenance and small repairs in your own hands. Permanent and serious stains, such as traces of regular touching or rubber shoes on table legs, can be removed using fine (220-grit) sandpaper. Make sure you sand lengthwise in the direction of the wood grain. This will remove the film of oil or soap that had been put on for protection. Remember to re-apply the surface protection after treatment. A deep scratch or dent may be repaired through sanding or swelling (briefly pressing a hot iron onto a moist cloth on the damaged spot). In that way it will be a breeze to repair small damage to your furniture without expert knowledge.