finishing and maintaining wood stain paint


Besides treatment with oil and soap, Pilat & Pilat offers a lacquer too. A transparent lacquer can be combined with a wood stain. Furthermore, oak wood may be sprayed using a color lacquer finish, allowing the structure of the wood to remain visible. Apart from the standard color lacquer, colors are available in almost every RAL or Sikkens color.
A lacquer finish seals the timber such a way that air humidity has less influence on the state of the wood. Besides this, paint offers a practical advantage: furniture is easily cleaned with a duster or damp cloth.

Important: Do not leave liquids on the furniture surface, but remove within 10 to 30 minutes. Use coasters and do not place hot objects on the unit, to avoid permanent staining.

A painted piece of furniture feels different than furniture treated with oil or soap finish. Using lacquer will change the contact the user has with the wood texture. Apart from this, damage is harder to solve. Where a soap or oil finish can be regularly reapplied to a piece of furniture without any visible traces, lacquered furniture will often need to be completely sanded and repainted. Further, no extra charges are applied for a lacquer finish.