maintenance of lacquered surfaces


In addition to the treatment with oil and soap, Pilat&Pilat offers a lacquer finish. A transparent lacquer can be combined with a stain. Furthermore, oak can be sprayed in a color lacquer, whereby the structure of the wood remains visible. In addition to the standard color lacquers, a lacquer finish is possible in almost any RAL or Sikkens color. A lacquer closes the wood in such a way that air humidity differences have less influence on the operation of the wood. Furthermore, lacquering is practical: the furniture can easily be removed with a duster or slightly damp cloth (not too wet).

Important: do not let liquids lie down but remove within 10 to 15 minutes.
Use coasters and do not put any hot objects on the furniture, this will give stains that can not be removed. Be careful with porous vases and flower pots, these can leave irreparable circles. Under glass with cool drinks, condensation can form under the bottom. That is why it is good to use coasters.

A lacquered furniture feels different than a furniture with oil or soap finish. Due to the paint the contact with the wood disappears for the user. Any damage is more difficult to solve. Where in a soap or oil finish a piece of furniture can be updated without visible traces, a lacquered piece of furniture will often have to be completely sanded and re-sprayed.