Which humidity is recommended?

Which humidity is recommended?

In winter we tend to turn the heat on a lot more. This means that it's pelasantly warm in the house, but this heat causes the air to become more dry in the house. The dry air is not only unhealthy for us, but also for our pets, plants and unfavorable for natural products like wood. During prolonged periods of low temperatures, the relative humidity may barely reach 30%, whereas a healthy relative humidity is 50-60%.
A natural product like wood can shrink and expand. At a constant relative air humidity of around 50%, this change is kept to a minimum. This prevents cracks in your wooden furniture.


• Attach cups water to the radiators
• Soap your furniture more often, even applying a thin layer of oil more often may help
• Air your home enough
• Leave the door of the bathroom open after showering

You can also purchase a hygrometer to measure the humidity constantly.
Have you already discovered cracks in your wooden furniture, follow the tips above. Usually the cracks disappear automatically when the humidity is back to its standard level.

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