Newly purchased Pilat & Pilat furniture with oil finish have a hardening time between 8-10 weeks. During this period, a protective layer is formed on the timber. We advise you to not use the furniture intensively during this period.
Through the use of the piece of furniture, its timber may become pale or faded. This can be 'refreshed' by applying the included maintenance oil ( natural or white pigmented). This maintenance oil restores the original oil layer and gives a silky, smooth, dirt and water repellent coating.
• dining and coffee tables: once every 3 to 4 months
• dressers and closets: two times per year
Under the header 'maintenance' on the website you will find a detailed description.

bij onderhoudsadvies onderaan op de website vindt u een uitgebreidere uitleg

The soaping frequency depends on the intensity of usage of the table. Soaping the table should be repeated by you, depending on the usage and dirt. Do you have an active family and is the table often dirty? Then you may clean the table weekly.
• dining and coffee tables: once every 1 to 4 weeks
• dressers and closets: once every 1 to 3 months
Under 'Maintenance advice' at the bottom of the webpage you will find a detailed description

bij onderhoudsadvies onderaan op de website vindt u een uitgebreidere uitleg

Try to remove these spots immediately with a damp cloth. You may use some soap to dilute the substances. The longer the stain remains on the furniture, the more difficult it becomes to remove these. Old stains will eventually disappear too, but it will take some more time. A very dirty table, for example after a party, we recommend an extra soap wash.

The first contact point is your Pilat & Pilat dealer.

This is possible, you can send an email to for an offer.

In winter we tend to turn the heat on a lot more. This means that it's pelasantly warm in the house, but this heat causes the air to become more dry in the house. The dry air is not only unhealthy for us, but also for our pets, plants and unfavorable for natural products like wood. During prolonged periods of low temperatures, the relative humidity may barely reach 30%, whereas a healthy relative humidity is 50-60%.
A natural product like wood can shrink and expand. At a constant relative air humidity of around 50%, this change is kept to a minimum. This prevents cracks in your wooden furniture.


• Attach cups water to the radiators
• Soap your furniture more often, even applying a thin layer of oil more often may help
• Air your home enough
• Leave the door of the bathroom open after showering

You can also purchase a hygrometer to measure the humidity constantly.
Have you already discovered cracks in your wooden furniture, follow the tips above. Usually the cracks disappear automatically when the humidity is back to its standard level.

Many Pilat & Pilat dealers sell oil and soap products. You may also send an email to pilat@pilat.nlto place an order for maintenance agents.

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Absolutely. In the showroom in Twijzel, you can really experience Pilat ambience. You can see the whole collection and get advice from experts. During or after your visit, there is the possibility to drink coffee or have lunch at the adjacent cafe, the Interieurcafé Pilat & Pilat.
If you wish to view a specific model, we advise you to make an inquire first.
The showroom in Cologne is also available to consumers; there you will find a smaller part of the collection.

The team of professionals of Pilat & Pilat likes to think along with you about the best solutions for your interior needs. With variations on collection models and/or other interior solutions, well-considered and executed with focus and regard to your needs, we show what we are good at.

You can visit the website below to find your nearest sales outlet. We also have a showroom in Friesland, Twijzel and in Cologne at Design Post, where you can see a large part of the collection.

We strive to deliver your Pilat & Pilat furniture from your local dealer within 8 to 12 weeks.

The sale of the Pilat & Pilat furniture goes through our outlets, these selected dealers can be found on the website at: sales
If, after visiting the showroom in Twijzel, you have an order you would like to place, we will send it to a local dealer in your area.