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Whoever wants to feel and experience the origin of the pilat&Pilat furniture, does so here the best.

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At Pilat in Twijzel 'you come via the backdoor’. That says enough. A visit to the cradle of the furniture company feels a bit like coming home, with the entire collection visible and the Interieurcafé for cozy moments.
The farm along the main road in Twijzel has been the heart of the company for over forty years. Once the antiques stood here, which Gjalt Pilat sold. After that, the first Pilat furniture from the workshop has stood here, having the Famylje collection grow under the thatched roof into what it is today. The farm is still home to the family, company and the collection
Along the road, the farm of Pilat cannot be overlooked. In the front garden, the recognizable glass and wooden slats cubed display case can be seen – containing a preview of what awaits inside. A gravel path leads visitors past the farm to the backyard, overlooking the meadows and the back garden. When entering through the back door, you walk directly into the Interieurcafé annex accessory shop with products from own collection but also a number of residential gifts from selected brands.
The showroom - which covers a large proportion of the ground floor of the farm – offers room for the Famylje Collection. Almost all items can be found here (including the latest items), in different sizes, designs and woods - carefully styled. “The showroom is the 'home' of Pilat”, states Annelies Pilat. She is responsible for this part of the business. “Here you can compare, touch and smell. Actually experiencing the collection and the Pilat atmosphere. I'm there to give advice on for example sizes, woods and finishes. "Advice and inspiration, that’s the intention of the showroom. We may, if wished for, make drawings for specific customization, or tender preparation. "The showroom also serves as a gallery. Art lover Gjalt Pilat moving parts regularly from his collection to the showroom for a temporary display. Occasionally, there are exhibitions of other artists in the showroom.
Those interested and already existing customers will sometimes travel a long way get to know Pilat & Pilat. Often they have encountered the brand in a furniture shop in the neighborhood or via a living magazine. Annelies: "If they come once, they are often amazed by the collection, the infinite opportunities, and the environment of our company. Here you can enjoy where the brand clearly originates from: the Frisian forests, the trees, the pure landscape. "
As visitors come from all over the Netherlands – and Twijzel is the only showroom in Netherlands of the Pilat & Pilat collection, in addition to the permanent showroom at Design Post Cologne - the adjacent Interieurcafé is a nice extension. Or better yet: it is the living room of Pilat & Pilat. It is the domain of Renate, who has been the hostess of the Interieurcafé since 2014. She invents the dishes, soups, cakes and sandwiches and takes care of the ambience in the café and gift shop. Of course, eating and drinking is done from Pilat furniture. It smells of wood and apple pie. Almost all dishes found on the menu of the Interieurcafé are homemade, and often also with local ingredients. Sometimes even from their own garden.
Not just customers or interested parties are welcome in the cafe, but also local residents. They tend to find their way for coffee or lunch more often. Renate: "Or they just buy a nice gift. And during after-hours it is also possible to celebrate an anniversary party or jubilee in the café. During the winter season we also organize movie nights with food there. Then I prepare dinner, and people will eat at my kitchen table, very cozy!

All are welcome at Pilat & Pilat. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, doors of the showroom and the Interieurcafé are open to those interested from all across the country, but also for local residents.

Author: Annelies Pilat

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