De makers van de Famylje Collection: serie of portraits, Trude van Assem

by Annelies-pilat #design #ontwerp #portret

Tekst: Renske Schriemer, Design Press

“Whether I am part of the Famylje Pilat & Pilat? I am involved for sure. See me as a distant cousin, someone who always walks along at a certain distance and sometimes cooperates. It all started years ago with an artwork of mine, a sand wall panel. I worked with sand and glue to build up a layered construction. I wanted it see soft, organic material used in a different way. Gjalt Pilat was struck by it.
My design language is different from Gjalt Pilat, but we share the love of crafting, and for the materials. Whether it is working with sand, concrete or balls of paper; you connect with the material. I recognize that in Gjalt as well. We have always followed each other, and my work has often been exhibited by Pilat & Pilat. This relationship brought us also together at the factory in Bosnia. There I worked with debris, the small pieces of wood. The endless adjusting and measuring resulted in the bowls Anna and Maria. I find the pattern of crosscut wood very beautiful.
Sometimes my work is also created spontaneously. If I have no direction or plan, then I take the opportunity to go ahead mindlessly. So I once had a batch of plywood. I decided to experiment with the concept 'table'; varying endlessly with legs and worktops. Eventually, I came down to two open square forms perpendicular to the sheet forming the base. Gjalt was surprised when he came across photos on my website and responded “that is the table we’re going to produce”. And that's Klaas, my table for Pilat.”

Author: Annelies Pilat

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