All furniture and wooden home accessories from Pilat & Pilat are produced at Nord End. They have their own manufacturing plant in Bosnia, employing some 40 craftspeople on a full-time basis. Pilat & Pilat like to buy their wood privately from small-scale operators. For many generations, orchards have been a sustainable source of income for the elderly in the woody regions of Bosnia. On average, families have about two hectares of woodland with dozens of fruit trees, such as walnut and cherry trees. After many years of harvesting the fruits, the trees are finally given the chop. Three trees will get a family, often consisting of three generations, comfortably through winter.
The younger generation always takes care of new plantings and the maintenance of the orchard. A personal hallmark of care and dedication is automatically passed on to the growing wood from one generation to the next.

From family orchard to Famylje Collection. A sustainable and sensible process.


The solid wooden furniture of the Famylje Collection revolves around five types of wood: oak, walnut and elm. The unique character of the tree is retained in each piece of furniture. In terms of appearance, no two pieces of the same type of furniture are exactly identical, because of a different shade, for instance. For the Famylje Collection, a furniture maker will endeavour to create the best possible balance by choosing the right wood. A customer with special requirements with regard to the preferred furniture wood is advised to first talk to his dealer. In many cases, it would be desirable to match the appearance of new furniture to the customer's preference. Colour and structure are variables for the customer to choose from. The furniture maker will do his best to meet the customer's choice. However, this may result in an extra charge. As was pointed out, the procedure of purchasing wood in Bosnia is quite different from the methods followed by Dutch furniture manufacturers, who buy their wood from wholesalers. We buy a certain quality of wood as required, at a price to match. Pilat&Pilat and Nordent take responsibility for the environment by using the large pieces of high-quality wood for making furniture. Smaller pieces, left over after selecting and manufacturing furniture, are used for the production of home accessories. Any remaining wood is used for heating the dry kilns and the furniture plant. In this process, native trees from wooded Bosnia are being used in a sustainable manner.


The furniture quality is continuously monitored during the entire production process. Each piece of furniture is custom-made of the type of wood chosen by the customer. Please contact us for a price of nonstandard items. Also for alternative bonding of tabletops and details. Customers may also come up with their own design together with a clear working plan.